Dr.Renee Dallaire


Dr. Renee Dallaire

As the mother of two children, Dr. Dallaire balances work and family.

“I have the chance of having a family that encourages me and supports me in my career.”

With a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Université Laval in Québec City, she pursed her studies in chiropractic.

As a graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa, class of 1991, she practices with passion.

She is also a member of l’Association des Chripraticiens du Québec.

As well as holding her own office, Dr. Dallaire is an active member amongst her profession.


She is the regional representative for the chiropractors of the West Island, which has enabled her to head a few projects, such as the one done in collaboration with the Marathon Oasis of Montreal; a 1 km race in which children ages 3 to 11, that are chiropractic patients can participate.

“To stay healthy, I run with my chiropractor,” is the motto for the race.


Thanks to her implication in numerous projects, Dr. Dallaire was awarded the title of chiropractor of the year in 2012.


Dr. Dallaire considers that everyone, poor or rich, has the right to benefit from chiropractic care.

Because of this belief, she is currently heading a project in collaboration with l’Accueil Bonneau .


In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her grand daughter Sofia.

She also enjoys swimming and running, her favourite sports, and has run a few ½ marathons, a personal goal.


As a member of Toastmaster, a group that helps people improve their public speaking skills, she also plays a role as board member.

Dr. Dallaire is also on the board of the Maison de la Famille de Vaudreuil-Soulange, a non-profit organization that goals to encourage harmony in the family unit, prevent its deterioration, enable stability in families as well as help underprivileged families.

Her chiropractic mission is to adjust as many people as possible, in order to allow them to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

For some patients, this means being able to say ‘’ I was able to pick up my little girl today, I walked to the grocery store, I woke up without my headaches, I was able to keep my job because the pains that were a problem before are no longer, My child is not suffering from ear infections anymore, my baby is sleeping better because the adjustments help relieve her abdominal cramps (colic)… ‘’

No matter what the pains, discomforts or problems with your health, Dr. Dallaire is ready to welcome you and listen to you.

She offers a bilingual service and is happy to share with you the amazing secret of chiropractic and its power to transform the lives of the people that choose it.