Vertebral Subluxation

Human beings come equipped with an amazing system of self regulation and self healing.

This system is comprised of

  • The spinal column, an osseous flexible shell that protects the spinal cord, the main highway of communication between your brain and the organs.
  • The spinal cord and 31 pairs of spinal nerves. Those come out between each vertebrae by the foramen.
  • The brain, the great conductor of our body. It receives billions of information each second, analyses them and responds appropriately to its perception of reality.

The vertebral subluxation consists of the loss of motion in a vertebral segment and causes a change in the information sent to the brain. That will create interference, like noise, that prevent the proper communication between the brain and the body. A subluxation can be caused by a physical, emotional or chemical stress. No matter which stress, if it is sustained, it will cause a maldapative change in the brain and modify our perception of reality.

The goal of your chiropractor is to find and correct vertebral subluxations, which then allows your body to function at its maximum potential.

Your chiropractor uses adjustments to correct subluxation. An adjustment is a fast, precise and gentle motion to the joint, done with the hands or an instrument. The adjustment stimulate the nervous system in a unique and powerful way and allows the brain to create new connections and improve communication between brain and body.

By correcting subluxations, your chiropractor

  • Improves the movement of your spine and allows you to be more flexible
  • Improves the brain body communication allowing a better motor control (you become stronger and more accurate in our movements)
  • Allows a longer and more sustained state of ease in which your body can rest, restore and learn.

Improve or maintain our health requires us to commit to health sustaining habits. Good food, sleep, sufficient exercise and regular chiropractic adjustments will benefit each phase of your life.

Chiropractic adjustment minimize the impact of vertebral subluxation and improve the body’s ability to self regulate and self heal. Having a high functioning nervous system is everybody’s business! No matter your age of your current level of health, you will receive benefits.