Your spinal cord, the information highway from you brain, contains 31 pairs of spinal nerves that course through your spine exiting between your spinal bones (vertebrae). Even though the spinal cord is protected by the spine, its equilibrium can be disturbed by displacement of vertebrae. This phenomenon is termed spinal subluxation. Improper spinal function will interfere with the transmission of vital energy from your brain to your tissue cells.

Your chiropractor chooses to focus on helping you optimize your nervous system function, so you can live life the way you were meant to live, by detecting and correcting your spinal subluxations. This allows you to fully enjoy Life. Subluxation correction is accomplished over time by delivering repeated adjustments that consist of applying a gentle and specific force to the spine allowing the body to return to its optimum.

Centre Chiropractique Des SourcesSubluxations may be caused by physical, chemical or psychological stresses, which exceed your body’s ability to adapt. By regular attendance to your chiropractor, subluxations will be detected and corrected allowing your nervous system to properly communicate with every cell in your body thus allowing you a wonderful quality of life.

Adjustments re-establish healthy neuronal impulses to the outlying tissue, improving communication between the brain and the cells and organs of the body, restoring coordination and harmony to the immune systems, revitalizing healthy body function.

Every human being, whether sick or well, newborn or aged, regardless of nutrition or exercise, race or religion is better off without vertebral subluxation.


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