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  • In 1993, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have suffered with widespread pain. Over the years I have sought chiropractic treatment for acute flare-ups in my back, hips and shoulders with very good results. More recently, I realized that these treatments might also help to improve the chronic symptoms of my fibromyalgia, if they were done on a regular basis. Over the past 25, years, each time I have been treated for an acute flare-up such as a back spasm, the pain would go away after a few adjustments. More recently, Dre. Dallaire showed me how poorly my spine was aligned and that this misalignement probably contribued to my chronic symptoms. Regular adjustments have greatly improved the mobility in my back, neck, shoulders and hips. I have less pain and am sleeping better. Treating chronic chonditions requires a completely different way of thinking from the treatment of acute problems. Now rather than treating the pain, we are treating the source of the pain. So, regular adjustements are gradually relieving chronic symptoms and improving my overall health. Although it may take some time. I am confident that this treatment will allow me to get back to some of the things, such as swimming, biking and running that I have put on hold due to my chronic pain.

    Mr Thomas,

  • I was experiencing a 70% loss of sensation in the lower part of my body and a numbness from my waist, down the length of both legs, to my feet. The symptoms began in March. 8 weeks later, with the chiropractic adjustments I’ve been receiving at the clinic and with Dre. Dallaire’s professional experience my condition has improved by about 90%. Close to all of the sensation is back to normal. I believe within a few more weeks I’ll be back in shape. I continue coming to my appointements in order to maintain the alignment of my spine, thus preventing any kind of interference of the energy flowing through the nervous system, therefore eliminating any kind of future pain and discomfort. Thank you very much to the team of Centre Chiropratique Des Sources.

    Mr Taylor,

  • I came to see Dr Dallaire because I felt "Out of sorts" and I wanted to try and get it on track. My general health was good and I exercise and eat reasonably but I needed a boost Chiropractic Results: Just to know I am getting help has been a positive experience. My energy has improved. No colds, so far, and sleep patterns have improved. It didn't happen quickly but my health has improved.Regulated my digestive system, calmness and energy are a plus. Why I Continue to Receive Care: Its working, not quickly but I feel a long term committment is necessary. Thanks Renée Chiropractic! It works! Please share this inspiring story with someone you love!

    Mrs Cadieux ,

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