Our team

Dr Renée Dallaire, chiropractor

Dr Renée Dallaire, chiropractor,  has been passionately practicing since 1991. She received her doctorate of chiropractic at Palmer College after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Université Laval (Quebec). Her mission is to adjust as many people as possible, whether they well off or less fortunate, in order to allow them to have good health and be their best self.

Dr Dallaire, chiropractor, is very active in the profession. She is currently the regional representative of the West-Island chiropractors, a role which has enabled her to complete some interesting projects to advance the profession.

In 2012, the Association des chiropraticiens du Québec rewarded Dr Dallaire with the prize of chiropractor of the year. This award is given to members of the Association who show devotion and leadership to facilitate the advancement of the chiropractic profession. Dr Dallaire had been given the prize for her constant implication and dynamism in the West-Island.

In 2017, she receives from Life University in Atlanta, an award for her important role in creating the volunteer clinic in Accueil Bonneau in Montreal.

Dr. Dallaire speaks English and French and is proud to transmit her knowledge to her patients and help transform their lives as well as those of their children.

Dr Dallaire is mother to two children and grand-mother to a beautiful little girl, Sofia, with who she loves to play. In her spare time, Dr. Dallaire loves to swim and run, and she has participated in many half-marathons.

Entrust your health to Dr Dallaire who will make it her pleasure to help you find your energy and joy of living.


She was the leader of the creation of a free clinic at the Accueil Bonneau. With the help of the Association des Chiropraticiens du Québec, they  built a clinic that welcomes chiropractors, podiatrists, massage therapists and a nurse that all work toward the improvement of the health of the Guys. Every week, she and dozens of her colleagues relay themselves to offer free care.

Dr Nathalie Godbout, chiropractor

Dr Nathalie Godbout, chiropractor, was born on the Gaspe coast and practiced there for 24 years. In 2017, she chose to move to Montreal to get closer to family and take up the challenge of an urban practice. The collaboration with Dr Renée Dallaire was a natural one because they share many fundamental values, among which, their chiropractic philosophy. 

She is a graduate of Parker University in Dallas in 1995, where she familiarized herself with multiple different chiropractic techniques. She developed a family practice and, to answer the needs of the community, quickly got interested in sport medicine.

“I believe that humans have an immense healing capability. The nervous system is the gateway (portal) to perceive our external and internal environment and when this system is altered, it creates distortions and maladaptive changes. With time, those imbalances between perception and reactions creates dis-ease, injuries and physiological changes in the body.

The chiropractic adjustment gives a specific and powerful stimulation to our nervous system, allowing it to perceive, adapt and react to our environment more efficiently and therefore express our maximum human potential.”

Always passionate about her profession and her desire to better serve her clientele, Dr Godbout attends professional seminars and conferences several times a year in Canada and outside of the country. Her areas of interest range from sport medicine to paediatric, nutrition and, especially present in the last few years, neurology.


In the sport field, Dr Godbout, chiropractor, volunteered for 13 years as a medical coordinator for the local juvenile football team in Gaspésie. She participates in numerous regional events throughout the years to provide cares to the athletes. She will be guest speaker to many sport clubs to talk about healthy lifestyle and the importance of chiropractic care for the student athletes.

She is also a mentor for more than 10 years to other chiropractors and since her settling into Montreal, she has been a volunteer chiropractor at the clinic of the Accueil Bonneau.

Dr Godbout, chiropractor, is determined to be just as involved in her adoptive city.

Dr. Camille Dallaire-Dahlager, chiropractor

Doctor Camille Dallaire-Dahlager, chiropractor, is from the West Island of Montreal, and has been seen at the Centre Chiropratique Des Sources where she shared the role of chiropractic assistant prior to the beginning of her chiropractic studies. She graduated from Candian Memorial Chiopratic College in 2019, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from McGill Univerisity. 

Volunteer Work

Co-President of the Canadian Memorial Chiropratic College

Participant of the SWIFT program, a program aiming to encourage healthy aging

Intern at the APTUS centre in Toronto, providing care to adults with severe neurological disorders