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Lynn Avatar
7/12/2021 - Google
Ça fait plus de 11 ans que je vois Dr. Renée Dallaire et sans elle, ses soins, je ne sais pas ce que j'aurais fait. Elle a 110% de ma confiance pour me traiter. Linda est une vraie perle.
Franck Benhaim Avatar
Franck Benhaim
7/12/2021 - Google
Merci a vous.super service très professionnel.
Charlene Roth Avatar
Charlene Roth
5/05/2021 - Google
I have had such a great experience getting adjustments here. I’m so happy that I followed through on my adjustment plan, as it really reduced the pain and discomfort I was having. Linda and Dre. Dallaire are so kind, friendly and easy to talk to. They always put a smile on my face! I look forward to every session. I highly recommend this Chiropractor.
Christopher Little Avatar
Christopher Little
3/26/2021 - Google
Great réceptionniste and Drs.
Imran Arthur Avatar
Imran Arthur
2/13/2021 - Google
Always a pleasure going for my adjustment . friendly staff always makes you feel comfortable and welcomed . The receptionist Lynda is so bubbly and friendly that you get a burst of energy just talking to her .

Dre. Renee Dallaire is so skilled and friendly at the same time, it's amazing. I have long time ongoing back problems that would have me at times struggling to even get out of bed but since i started my chiropractic sessions it had been much better ,even non existent some days . I always leave that chair feeling like a new person.

I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a very good chiropractor with a both talented and friendly staff.
David Foscato Avatar
David Foscato
2/12/2021 - Google
Chad Almon Avatar
Chad Almon
2/12/2021 - Google
Friendly team, great service, excellent treatment - Highly recommend
alex lamothe Avatar
alex lamothe
12/12/2020 - Google
Marc Debané Avatar
Marc Debané
12/12/2020 - Google
Je suis allée voir Dr Dallaire il y a quelques années, car je n’étais presque plus capable de marcher à cause de mon dos. Quelques mois plus tard, j’ai recommencé à jouer au volley-ball.Les traitements m’ont permis d’avoir un centre plus stable et d’acquérir une excellente solidité. Le tout m’a permis de prendre soin de mes deux petites filles et de faire n’importe quelle activité comme papa se doit. C’est pas beautiful ça!!!La réceptionniste (Linda) est toujours de bonne humeur et sera toujours prête à vous accommoder…et à vous donner des calins!
Raihane Abdelouahab Avatar
Raihane Abdelouahab
12/12/2020 - Google
Bond PPK Avatar
Bond PPK
11/27/2020 - Google
Extremely helpful and professional. Kind and caring. I am so happy I went.
Christina Msd Avatar
Christina Msd
11/27/2020 - Google
I heard of this place from Google and I don't regret taking an appointment. The receptionist is extremely helpful and always puts a smile on your face. Dr. Dallaire is thorough and really knowledgeable. She makes us get x-rays before treatment in order to make sure what the issue is. I had multiple back issues and she's in the process of helping me a lot.
Sean Campbell Avatar
Sean Campbell
2/17/2020 - Google
I've been a patient for over 10 years and I have nothing but good things to say about the staff, the care, the positive atmosphere. Dre. Renée Dallaire is a true professional with a huge heart. She has gone out of her way on many occasions to help me with my health issues. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone looking for chiropractor services.
robert gauthier Avatar
robert gauthier
12/12/2019 - Google
Catherine Ménard-Paquette Avatar
Catherine Ménard-Paquette
12/12/2018 - Google
bertbaka Avatar
12/12/2018 - Google
Dr. Dallaire is great !! My back went out after getting to Montreal. After the examination she did the adjustment and released the tension in my back. As a person whos been seeing a chiropractor for years she is right at the top of my list. If you are traveling through Montreal or if you live in the city and you have back problems. I reccomend her . Also her receptionist is great as well!
Alex Lamothe Avatar
Alex Lamothe
6/01/2018 - Google
Robert Gauthier Avatar
Robert Gauthier
6/01/2018 - Google
Vivien Y Avatar
Vivien Y
12/21/2017 - Google
Lynda at the reception is super nice. Dre Dallaire is very patient and experienced.
Greg Shulks Avatar
Greg Shulks
positive review  The professionalism and level of care is impressive. - 9/07/2019
Vivien Yep Avatar
Vivien Yep
- 2/06/2018
Marianna Ar Avatar
Marianna Ar
- 7/10/2017
Ginette V Destrempes Avatar
Ginette V Destrempes
Ce n'est pas un centre comme les autres! On vous traite le plus humainement possible avec courtoisie, gentillesse et professionnalisme. Vous êtes plus qu'un patient pour Dr Dallaire et elle est toujours à l'écoute de votre corps. Personnellement, je vous la recommande sans hésitation, elle a fait une grande différence dans ma vie. La chiropractie est très mal connue; donnez lui une chance de vous aider et vous ne le regretterez pas! - 5/06/2014
Côme Montour Avatar
Côme Montour
- 10/23/2013