Vertebral Subluxation

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The Vertebral Subluxation Complex

The Vertebral Subluxation Complex is the core clinical concept of the chiropractic profession ;

It is a disturbance in the state of health between two vertebrae present in the spinal column. This perturbation can occur following various traumas, such as a fall, muscle fatigue, repetitive motion, overtraining, or other physical, emotional, or chemical stressors.

In addition to causing pain and disturb biomechanics, vertebral subluxations can also affect the information that is transmitted through the nervous system, the vertebral column, and the brain. The interference that results can lead to decreased quantity and quality of information that travels between these three structures, preventing the brain from adequately communicating with each cell. This effectively decreases the body’s capacity for self-healing and autoregulation.

How to help Vertebral Subluxations?

It is through the chiropractic adjustment, a high-velocity low impact thrust applied to a specific segment of the spine, that chiropractors stimulate the nervous system to reduce the interference caused by vertebral subluxations and improve the state of health of the affected spinal segment.

By correcting subluxations, your chiropractor :

  • Improves the movement of the joints of the spine
  • Encourages better communication between the nervous system and the body
  • Prevents alterations in biomechanics that can occur when there is decreased spinal joint motion
  • Encourage optimal health

Everyone, regardless of their age, requires a healthy nervous system and spine.

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